Frequently Asked Questions (regarding Balanced Birth Doula Training)

How long is the training?

Balanced Birth Doula Trainings are 18 hours over the course of 3 days. There will be several short breaks and a 1 hour lunch each full day.   

Often we will have a "lunch and learn" where a guest speaker or a movie will be offered during lunch. These are not required as part of the training, but provided as an additional learning opportunity.

How much does the training cost? What does that include?

The trainings are $400 or $450 (depending on location) if paid in full at least 30 days prior to training (the “early birth discount”). Registration within the month of the training is $450-$500. The registration fee covers the 18 hours of training, training manual, materials/resources, daily snacks/drinks, and ongoing support as you set off on your new career.

There are additional fees and requirements to become certified, but those things do not have to be paid for until after training. 

 Are there any prerequisites I have to complete before taking the training?

Yes. Prior to taking the training you need to complete the CAPPA Pre-Training Study Guide. This Guide will help prepare you for the training and ensure that student have the basic knowledge necessary to make the most of the training. The Pre-Workshop Study Guide will be sent to you electronically once you have registered for the training.

Can I bring my baby to the training?

No. The length and nature of the training makes it not appropriate for babies since we will be up moving about, doing group work and practicing support techniques. Also, your baby is likely the cutest thing ever and will, therefore, be a distraction to the other students. However, babies can be brought to class at break/lunch times for breastfeeding. I am happy to try to coordinate our breaks with your nursing schedule when possible. 

Will I be certified after taking your Birth Doula Training?

No. Certification takes more than just attending the training, though the training is the first step on the way to certification.  The steps necessary for certification through CAPPA will be covered in the first day of training.  Attending the Balanced Birth Doula Training is just one step in the certification process. You can read more about the steps to certification by clicking here.  Be sure to scroll down to TRADITIONAL (IN-PERSON) COURSE on the CAPPA website. 

Do I have to wait until I'm certified before I can attend births?

No. One of the steps to certification is supporting at least 3 women/families through labor and delivery.  After attending the training, you can begin serving families immediately. On the job training is the best way to hone your newly learned support skills and techniques.

Do I have to volunteer my services until I get certified?

No. You may charge for your services.  Some birth doulas do volunteer their time to their clients after attending the training, but that is not required.  

Why should I choose to certify with CAPPA?

I have chosen to offer CAPPA-approved doula training because I believe in the mission and vision of CAPPA and I greatly appreciate their comprehensive membership services. Other options for certification do exist, I encourage you to do your homework. Click here for more information on CAPPA as an organization.