Megan Bunch

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I have been lucky enough to support hundreds of new families through my work as a birth doula, childbirth educator and prenatal yoga instructor. In addition to my career in birth work, I also volunteer on the board of Birth Network of Santa Cruz County. I offer my classes and doula services in Santa Cruz.

After more than a decade of birth work, I decided to combine my love of teaching childbirth education and doing doula work by becoming a CAPPA faculty member as a Labor Doula Trainer.  I'm honored to help new and aspiring birth doulas start their journeys!

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What people are saying . . .

“You have such a clear, no-nonsense, and really balanced way of looking at birth . . .”

“Whenever I recall my birth, I am so grateful that it all happened just as I had hoped and planned, thanks to you.”

“Thank you so much for all of your wonderful guidance and advice.”

“All of your encouragement and coaching were so instrumental in making my delivery/labor the experience I was hoping for.”

“You are a very gifted doula, we hope you will continue this work.”

“Your support during my labor and delivery was invaluable and I have you to thank for encouraging me to stick to my plan.”

“You have a perfect blend of humor, intuition and kindness!”