Birth Doula



"If a doula were a drug, it would be unethical not to use it." 
- John Kennell, MD
(The Doula Book)

Childbirth can an amazingly transformative experience for both moms and dads and birth partners. Labor is hard work and rarely painless, but that doesn't mean labor should be feared or that the pain of labor should be avoided at all costs. Women who are supported - emotionally, physically, and with information - can have an empowering experience as they bring their babies into the world.

My goal as a doula is to support expectant moms and their partners as they navigate the twists and turns of labor and delivery. My role often changes based on the wishes and expectations of the laboring couple. But in all cases, I strive to help my clients find their body’s innate birthing wisdom and to assist them as they make decisions regarding their care when needed. My job is not to speak for my clients, but to interpret the medical information and be a sounding board for them to make the decisions that are right for their body and their birth.

My doula package includes: 

  • a complimentary interview
  • two prenatal visits
  • phone and e-mail support during your pregnancy and early postpartum
  • continuous labor support
  • 2-3 hours of postpartum assistance (immediately following the birth)
  • 1 or more postpartum visits
  • access to my personal collection of birth-related books and videos as well as my baby carrier collection.

For more information about my services and fees, please contact me.

Our birth is a day we will never forget, and we will forever be grateful for your significant role in how it turned out.